ATTN: We Finally Have A Quarterback Lamer Than Tim Tebow

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08.09.12 3 Comments

What’s worse than a quarterback who inspires a meme world record, is afraid to take pictures with women, can barely throw a football and responds to criticism about his NFL sadness with, “you are a great analyst, thanks for mentioning me”?

Well, not a lot, but at least he never sang his own piano arrangement of a Train song in public.

Wisconsin quarterback Joel Stave demonstrates his musical talents performing Drops of Jupiter by Train at the 2012 Buckingham Awards. The UW signal-caller was one of many student-athletes putting on an impressive show at the annual awards night.

And it’s not even my favorite sports-related Train cover! That award goes to (and will always go to) these monsters.

I’m guessing that as a 6-foot-5 quarterback with flowing locks and a college scholarship, Joel’s spent a lot of time living in The Bubble with nobody to say “you’re singing the song too fast, slow down” or “stop playing piano, you look like f**king Bo Duke”. Allow me to say those things here, but not loudly enough to dissuade him from continuing, because LOL, this guy.

[h/t to Dr. Saturday]

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