With Leather’s Watch This: A Whole Lotta Conference Championship Action Going On

Everyone has been making a big fuss over the past several days about the fact that you could dig 12 quarters out of your couch cushions and buy an ACC championship game ticket with that coin. Yes, if you go on StubHub right now, you can buy tickets to tomorrow night’s ACC title game between FSU and Georgia Tech for $3. And that’s awesome if you’re a fan of FSU. If you’re a Georgia Tech fan, I guess that’s okay, too, even though the Yellow Jackets are probably going to get their butts kicked. But it’s FSU and it’s an important game, so the Seminoles will probably find a way to disappoint their fans yet again.

But the real fun starts tonight, college football fans, and a lot of people are predicting that we’re going to see the most exciting conference championship game of the year tonight. Are they talking about the MAC Championship or the PAC-12? You’ll have to click to find out! But seriously, it’s the MAC game.


MAC Championship: No. 17 Kent State vs. No. 21 Northern Illinois – 7 PM ET on ESPN

My friend asked me what I thought about the possibility of Kent State playing in a BCS bowl game this year and I laughed for about 6 hours before I realized he was serious. Like most of the country, I don’t watch very much MAC football, at least not since my team, UCF, tore through it and moved on*. But good for the Flashes. I love a good out-of-nowhere underdog story.

PAC-12 Championship Game: No. 16 UCLA vs. No. 8 Stanford – 8 PM ET on FOX

Remember when this was supposed to be USC and Oregon, with USC winning and moving on to the BCS title game and trouncing whichever poor excuse for an opponent showed up? HAHAHAHAHAHA.


CUSA Championship Game: UCF vs. Tulsa – Noon ET on ESPN 2

The game that everyone is obviously waiting for. I heard they had to put this game on ESPN 2 just so too many people wouldn’t tune in at one time and make the ESPN satellites explode. That said, UCF should win handily and move on to face Notre Dame in the BCS title game.

SEC Championship: No. 2 Alabama vs. No. 3 Georgia – 4 PM ET on CBS

Remember when Georgia fans were calling for Mark Richt to be fired? Feels like it was last week. It probably was last week. But that’s why I love college football. One week you hate your coach, the next week you love him. Not me, though. I hate George O’Leary every day.

ACC Championship Game: No. 13 FSU vs. Georgia Tech – 8 PM ET on ESPN

I predict this game will be boring.


Watch NFL games all day, you communist scumbags, and then get ready to complain about Drew Brees on Tuesday. Oh, and Imogen Thomas wants to know why you haven’t called her back.

*That never happened.