With Leather’s Watch This: Baseball Fans Still Don’t Know ‘Trader’ From ‘Traitor’

One of the little nuggets of worthlessness that was dropped around the Major League Baseball trade deadline was that the Los Angeles Dodgers, in a mostly risk-free/high-reward move to bolster the bullpen, signed former San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson. Of course, Wilson hadn’t pitched since April 2012 before he had to undergo reconstructive surgery on his elbow that has kept him out of the game until his recent pitching session for scouts. And even though the Dodgers are his former team’s bitter rivals, they made an offer and Wilson would have been stupid to turn it down.

Of course, many Giants fans, like most baseball and sports fans in general, are idiots and now view Wilson as a traitor because he didn’t agree to accept less money to play for the Giants, if they even offered him a deal at all. But because stupid fans are generally just stupid, they’ve spent their time calling Wilson a “trader,” which is my absolute favorite idiot sports fan mistake.

PGA: Reno-Tahoe Open – 7 PM ET on the Golf Channel

I’m sure that all of golf’s biggest stars are playing in this, “The Biggest Little Non-Major,” so I won’t even bother checking to verify that Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and, oh I don’t know, Arnold Palmer are all playing.

X Games Los Angeles: Moto X and Skateboarding – 9 PM ET on ESPN

Extreme sports? I’ll allow our resident expert on that to speak for me…

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates – 7 PM ET on MLB Network

The Cardinals continued their current 342-game losing streak by losing to the Pirates yet again yesterday and dropping from the best record in baseball with a 2.5 game lead over the Pirates to a 2.5 game deficit to the Pirates. But who’s counting?