With Leather’s Watch This: Oh Thank God We Get To Watch The Chiefs Tonight

11.12.12 5 years ago 4 Comments

I’m not going to pile on the Kansas City Chiefs like I did with the Jacksonville Jaguars last week, because that’s low hanging fruit and people have already complained enough about them being on Monday Night Football. I also won’t bitch about it, because the Chiefs are going to be the main reason that this game will be hilarious, specifically because Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator and former Chiefs head coach Todd Haley is super pissed off at Kansas City.

After reports that the Chiefs haven’t been paying Haley the money they still owe him, I’d expect for the Steelers to be scoring often tonight. As often as they possibly can. Until every small child in the greater Kansas City area has his or her own YouTube crying video. And even then, I don’t expect Haley to be content.

Monday Night Football: Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers – 8:30 PM ET on ESPN

Who would win between the Chiefs and the Jaguars? Would that be the most boring game ever played? I’d kind of like to watch that. Actually, I’m sure it’s scheduled on a Thursday night soon, because the NFL spoils us.

WWE Raw – 8 PM ET on USA

You obviously know that. I don’t need to include that here. I just want to feel special.

NBA: Miami Heat at Houston Rockets – 8 PM ET on Regional

I hope this game is on one of my local sports channels like SUN or Fox Sports tonight. LeBron James and the Heat against the new, exciting Rockets? I’ll bite.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Chicago Bulls – 8 PM ET on Regional

I predict that Kevin Garnett will violently assault someone on the court at least once this season. Will it be an opposing player? A coach? His own teammate? A fan? I might start making odds for this, because he’s just a mean, old grumpapotamus.

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