With Leather’s Watch This: The NFL Is Back!

Now that the NFL and NCAA football are back in action (BACKTION!) we understand that sports can get a little confusing, so we’re bringing back this old running feature in which we help you decide what to watch each night. This way, you won’t miss anything important, whether it be an incredibly tight and exciting American League East race or an incredibly tight and exciting Oregon Ducks cheerleader.

Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants – 8:30 PM ET on NBC

The NFL comes to us one night earlier than usual – thanks, Obama – as one of the league’s fiercest rivalries takes the main stage. Can Eli Manning and the defending Super Bowl Champion Giants keep momentum in their favor with a win over Tony Romo and the Cowboys’ banged up receivers? Probably. But you can discuss the game in style with our cooler cousin Christmas Ape over at the KSK Live Blog, which is undergoing a sexy makeover this season.

New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays – 7:10 PM ET on MLB Network (regional)

Can the Yankees stop their 3-game skid with a win over the Rays and hold off the resurgent… get the f*ck out of here. The Orioles?

Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays – 7:10 PM ET on MLB Network (regional)

Holy sh*t, the Orioles are on fire. I have an insane theory as to why they’re so good, and people are probably going to have me committed for this, but – Buck Showalter is a really good manager. Don’t you agree Mark Reynolds?

Phoenix Mercury at New York Liberty – 7 PM ET on NBA TV

There are times when it makes me really angry that AT&T U-verse deprives me of NBA TV and there are times when I am glad. Can you guess which of those times is tonight?

U.S. Open Quarterfinals – 7 PM ET on ESPN 2

Watch Andy Roddick continue his final run for one more Grand Slam title… tomorrow. Because it won’t stop raining in New York today. UPDATE ESPN 2 will probably show a repeat of David Ferrer’s win, but they should show this instead…

UPDATE: Roddick is playing. How well? You can look at this GIF and guess…

UPDATE 2.0: So long, Roddick.

Pro Football Talk – 7 PM ET on NBC Sports

Did you know that you can actually buy Pro Football Talk merchandise from the PFT website? Seriously – shirts, hats, sweatshirts. Unfortunately, there’s not a shirt that reads, “I’m a lawyer” with a picture of Mike Florio sniffing his own fart.

2012 Paralympic Games – 7:30 PM ET on NBC Sports

If you watch Pro Football Talk at 7, then you should just leave your TV on NBC Sports for these games so you can start your path to becoming a better person.

1962 U.S. Open: Jack’s First Major – 9 PM ET on The Golf Channel

SPOILER ALERT: Jack Nicklaus wins. It’s right there in the title. The Golf Channel should work on suspense a little.

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