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I can always count on Kevin DeBruin for two things: fresh, homemade bagels with strawberry-flavored cream cheese and digital copies of all of his Japanese subway rape porn. What can I say, he's a modern-day Renaissance Man.

Anyway, KD passes along this gem from SbB. Good Morning America (OH YEAH? WHAT'S SO FUCKING GOOD ABOUT IT?!?!?) conducted a nationwide poll, which I'm sure was very scientific and represented a great sampling of women of all ages everywhere. Anyway, 64% of women surveyed said that they would rather date Eli Manning over Tom Brady, and 55% said they would rather "hang" with baby Manning over Brady.

Some people could attribute this to Eli's Southern, conservative, lady-friendly attributes prevailing over Brady's "living the dream of every straight man in the world" lifestyle. Or it could have something to do with Brady's entanglements as an out-of-wedlock father. 

But for me, the evidence is very conclusive: Tom Brady has already fucked 64% of all the women in America.

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