The World Reacted To The Anderson Silva Leg Break With A Lot Of Screaming And Face-Covering

In case you missed it over the weekend, Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman checked a kick and gave Anderson Silva a permanent case of the stanky leg. It was horrifying.

Because we live in a society where:

1. everybody’s always taping everything a la Johnny from The Room
2. we think our reaction to something is more important than that thing happening

… we’ve already got a wonderful compilation of people watching the Anderson Silva leg break and losing their minds. Highlights include Ronda Rousey (who you’d think would be used to seeing bones break by now) and a room full of guys watching the fight by standing shoulder to shoulder in the middle of their living room. Who does that? It’s like they were huddle-kissing and just took a break to see a guy’s leg turn into a silly straw.

Anyway, check it out. Anderson Silva’s leg breaking is the new moon landing.