Would You Like To Watch An Attractive Woman Freak Out In A Racecar? Yes You Would

06.13.13 5 years ago

Stefanie Malouf Racecar

Stefanie Malouf is an aspiring actress who has appeared in an episode of The Newsroom and that one Bud Light commercial where the 49ers fan comes back to his old apartment to watch a game because he considers it good luck. She previously dated Beau Borders, who is a Formula Mazda and Sportscar Racer and also the man behind some pretty cool first-person perspective racing videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

A few months ago, Borders took Malouf for a spin on a track, which is no big deal because people have been uploading videos of regular people riding in racecars for a long time. But this video of Malouf – entitled, “The Girlfriend Test” – is a little different in that she’s absolutely hilariously scared out of her mind.

As Borders described it

One day I decided to take a young lady to the races. Stefanie Malouf – my girlfriend at the time – had never been on a track before, never worn a helmet, despises roller-coasters, and has a touch of claustrophobia. Knowing that she’s quite the vivacious young lady, I was expecting a reaction – I just didn’t know it would be this entertaining. We’re still friends, though we’re no longer an item – which may or may not have something to do with my driving…

I hope, just for poops and giggles, she dates a stunt pilot next and he records a similar video and laughs like a maniac the entire time, too. I will be over here waiting patiently for that.

(Also, this is a little NSFW for language, so use headphones if people near you don’t appreciate screaming obscenities.)

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