Would You Pay $200 To Watch Someone Else’s TV?

The Dallas Cowboys are hell-bent on making Super Bowl XLV the highest-attended event in the championship game’s history. Or, I should say, Jerry Jones is, as he’s resorting toward selling four-packs of what are being called “plaza tickets” at $800 each.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said Tuesday that season-ticket holders who purchase tickets for a party plaza outside Cowboys Stadium will be “counted toward attendance.”

Party plaza ticket holders will be in an area in the east end zone plaza, where they can watch the game on big video screens and theoretically enjoy being part of the atmosphere surrounding the game. They will be exposed to the elements, however, instead of nestled comfortably inside in a covered, climate-controlled stadium. –Bahston Herald.

Great, so three of my friends and I can spend $200 apiece to drive to the stadium, park, get frisked at the gate and then WATCH THE GAME ON A TELEVISION. That’s a joke, and how anyone can consider that “theoretically” being part of a game is damned fool and I will punch that person in the face. Theoretical punching. Obviously.

The Cowboys would have to sell about 12,000 plaza tickets to break the Super Bowl XIV record of 103,985; That was Steelers-LA Rams at the Rose Bowl. That’s right, the Rams had home-city advantage for the game and still lost to the Steelers. I guess it’s no bother. Look how well the Rams are doing now!