The Wrestling World Remembered Windham Rotunda (AKA Bray Wyatt) After His Shocking Death

A difficult week in the world of professional wrestling got even tougher on Thursday when Triple H broke word that Windham Rotunda, best known as Bray Wyatt in WWE, had died at the age of 36.

Rotunda was a beloved figure in the wrestling world, having carved out a stellar career in WWE by creating one of the most unique characters wrestling has had in years and continuing to reshape and redefine that character. His death shocked and saddened the wrestling world, as so many in the business had worked with him, been inspired by him, and/or been able to call him a friend. Many of those took to social media to remember Rotunda by posting tributes to him, sharing in the heartbreak with wrestling fans, and offering their love and sympathies to Rotunda’s family.

Among the most heart-wrenching of those posts came from Amanda Huber, whose late husband Jon Huber died in 2020 and had spent his time in WWE as Luke Harper in the Wyatt family, as she posted a number of photos of Jon and Windham together.

A number of other stars from WWE, AEW, and beyond offered remembrances of Wyatt, providing a glimpse at the impact he had in the industry. From luminaries like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and William Regal to current stars like Big E, the wrestling world took Thursday night to remember Rotunda and offer their condolences to one of wrestling’s great families.