WWE Made Fun Of Its Own Fans Behind Their Backs For Chanting ‘CM Punk,’ Thinks They Should ‘Go Away’

Recently one of WWE’s biggest stars, CM Punk, abruptly “walked out” on the company. Whether this is real-life drama, part of the show or some combination of the two remains up for interpretation.

Last week’s Raw crowd (and especially the crowd at WWE’s developmental promotion, NXT) were vocal about missing Punk, chanting “C-M-PUNK!” throughout the show. This week they were a little less vocal, but that might change thanks to this leaked video from WWE’s live feed.

In an exchange that was never supposed to be heard by the WWE Universe, Raw announces Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler openly mocked WWE fans for chanting “C-M-PUNK” before the show, noting that it would “drown out quickly” and suggesting that they should be chanting “go away.” Yikes. They went on to notice how there’s “not a lot of determination in that chant.” I mean, it’s not the YES chant, but it’s also not accompanied by anybody getting kicked in the chest.

Here’s the video:

A telling production error, or just another viral, purposeful part of the story? Thanks a lot for making sure we’re never able to tell, pro wrestling. You make me feel like a psycho sometimes.