WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 1/30/12: Royal Rumble Fallout

Pre-show notes:

– Tonight’s Raw carries two major narratives: 1) What will happen when Chief Operating Officer Triple H returns to Raw to give Executive Vice President Of Talent Relations and Interim General Manager Of Raw John Laurinaitis a job evaluation even though Laurinaitis was the one who got Triple H fired from HIS position as Raw GM because sometimes the GM has more power than the COO and sometimes he doesn’t, and then there’s a board of directors and ah f**k it, I’m going to mark this part out and 2) which championship will Royal Rumble winner Sheamus choose to challenge for at Wrestlemania?

Also, we may get appearances by a returning Kharma, a possibly returning Road Dogg and/or something awful where Mae Young shows up to make out with Hacksaw Jim Duggan. The Royal Rumble was weird.

– Poll:

– If you missed last night’s Royal Rumble open discussion thread, you missed your chance to have Kevin Nash’s face and the word “POOPIES” on your Uproxx profile forever. That thread brought in almost 1,300 comments (WITH almost an hour of downtime) so hopefully tonight’s show will be interesting enough to get us to a clean 1,500.

– It will not.

Programming Note: Due to some technical and personal issues I don’t really want to get into, there won’t be a Best And Worst of Royal Rumble 2012 up today. The Raw report is still going up tomorrow as always, and I’ll make sure the Rumble review is up as soon as possible.