WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 8/19/13: Triple H Explains It All

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08.19.13 3,755 Comments
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T-shirt size XXXL

Tonight, on the post-Summerslam WWE Raw open discussion thread:

The Biggest Party of the Summer is over, and now comes the hangover. Specifically, the one Daniel Bryan suffered from a Triple H Pedigree moments after the submission expert defeated John Cena to become WWE Champion. The Game’s treachery allowed Randy Orton to cash in his Money in the Bank contract and take Bryan’s title for himself, but what his motivation was is anyone’s guess at this point. While the WWE Universe attempts to sort itself out after the events of SummerSlam, here’s a five-point preview for tonight’s Raw. (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview:

1. Who else is excited for Kane to show up as a crazy, brainwashed hillbilly tonight? Oh man.

2. If you haven’t yet read the Best and Worst of WWE SummerSlam 2013, make sure you do that. Then, be sure to read our recap of the latest episode of Total Divas, because that’s the only important thing happening in wrestling.

3. Anybody have any suggestions on games we could play while Triple H is giving his 8,000 minute long soliloquy about why he did the bad thing he was obviously gonna do? I was thinking I Spy, but that’d be kinda hard because we’d all be like, “I Spy with my little eye, nothing, because I’m blind and sad.”

4. Dolph Ziggler will be extremely important tonight as he hahahah just kidding

5. Here’s hoping that Punk/Lesnar II happens at WrestleMania, with one of those “if I beat Lesnar, I get five minutes alone with Heyman” stipulations from the territory days. Maybe suspend Heyman above the ring in a shark cage. That needs to come back. Let’s start the build tonight with Punk beating the worst Paul Heyman Guy, who I assume is Sign Guy Dudley.

As always, reply to choice comments with a +1 tonight and I’ll include a batch of them in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of Raw report. Enjoy the show, everyone.

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