WWE Royal Rumble ’12 Open Discussion Thread

Pre-show notes:

– Welcome to our first ever WWE pay-per-view open discussion thread! The concept has worked really well for Raw, so we’re trying it out for the Rumble. And hey, worst case scenario we get like four wrestling posts in a row up on the weekends when nobody’s reading. We’ve got a special bonus set up for anyone participating in tonight’s discussion, so be sure to actually read this part!

– Poll time. Who’s taking the 2012 Rumble?

– An exhaustive posting schedule, for those who asked: Royal Rumble 2000 was posted yesterday, so read that if you haven’t already. Tonight is the open discussion thread, tomorrow afternoon the Best And Worst Of WWE Royal Rumble 2012 goes up featuring the best comments from the open discussion and probably another Raw discussion thread. Tuesday is the Best And Worst Of Raw 1/30. Wednesday, I get fired for writing too much about wrestling and slum it at 411 for a year.

– We’ve got a new commenting system set up that’ll allow video/image posting privileges for top commenters and works YouTube style, with the newest comments first. That leads us to:

ANNOUNCEMENT: As mentioned earlier, we have a special award for all you hardcore WithLeatherheads who join in tonights discussion — following on the heels of the Archer Sploosh Badge, we’re introducing our first badge for the best and most active commenters of the night. You’ll know when you’ve unlocked it. You’ll be making this face: >=(