Watch This Yankees Fan Make A Hot Dog Straw For His Beer

One of the best parts of going to a baseball game is getting to eat ballpark food and, for those so inclined, hammer back outrageously expensive beers.

For many, the ballpark fare of choice is a hot dog, which pairs great with the aforementioned beers. However, you usually ingest those two items separately, washing that dog down with tall, cool Budweiser. That is unless you are this Yankees fan, who became a viral sensation — if that’s what you can call someone who causes widespread disgust and outrage — for taking a hot dog out of the bun, using a a straw to hollow out the middle of the dog, and then dropping it into his beer cup and proceeding to drink his brew from his glizzy straw.

This is, quite possibly, the most crude thing I have ever seen someone do at a stadium. How dare you, sir? There are children there and you have the gall to hollow out a dog and start sucking back a cold one like it’s a normal thing to do? Have even the slightest bit of self respect (which includes not wearing a plaid Yankees hat, my goodness what is that?). I know the Yankees are down bad right now, but I refuse to believe they are hot dog straw bad.