You’ll Shoot-Fight Your Eye Out

Chris Weidman asking Santa Claus for a win over Tom Lawlor on Saturday at UFC 139 is funny enough, but Santa not knowing what that is and thinking “MMA” means military is the stuff of legend. That’s the downside of being stuck up at the North Pole negotiating the theories of light-speed travel and using slave labor to make Christmas Holiday toys all year, you don’t get to keep up with what’s happening on TUF.

Maggie Hendricks at Cagewriter provides a thorough analysis:

Santa has no idea what the UFC is, but that’s OK. He’s pretty busy this time of year, so he doesn’t know that Weidman is 6-0. The elves didn’t tell him that Weidman won his last bout in a first-round guillotine, and that he is bringing excellent wrestling skills into the cage against Lawlor.

The opposite of this video would be funny, too. Imagine Cain Velasquez sitting on the Easter Bunny’s lap at his local mall and asking for a victory, only to have the Bunny be all, “whatever, you need to challenge more, I’m a symbol of pagan fertility, not a miracle worker”. And come to think of it, I want all of our folkloric heroes to be knowledgeable about mixed-martial arts. Next time I lose a tooth, I’m putting it under my pillow alongside some Bellator predictions and see if the Tooth Fairy thinks I’m full of sh*t for picking Chandler over Alvarez.