The Best Supreme Hats Of All Time

Supreme makes a lot of hats. Too many? Probably. In any given year, the beloved streetwear label will drop nearly 100 pieces of headwear. Did a global pandemic stop Supreme from producing more hats that play on the brand’s iconic box label than the world will ever need? Nope! Like graphic t-shirts and high-profile brand collaborations, Supreme’s hats are a staple of the company’s output and the drops just keep coming.

Unlike edgy graphic t-shirts and luxury brand collaborations, Supreme’s hat game showcases a side of the label that isn’t often talked about. Supreme’s roots are planted firmly in the counter-culture world of New York skateboarding, nobody denies that, but the label is also really deep into mainstream sports. Sure, Supreme will drop a sports-focused starter jacket every once in a while, but it’s the caps — from snapbacks to bucket hats to beanies and boonies — that their love for the game, specifically baseball, shines bright. Chalk that up to deep-rooted New York connections and the nostalgic joy of watching a ballgame on the TV set.

We digress. As we said, Supreme just makes too many hats. So we’ve gone through the Herculean task of winnowing their selection down to the 50 best lids in the brand’s 26-year history. Let’s dive in!

Supreme Flags Camp Cap, Unreleased

We considered not even including the Flags Camp cap on this list, as the design remains unreleased and is really more of an urban legend than an actual ownable piece of the brand’s history. But just look at it! It’s frankly too dope not to include. This sample design is rumored to have only been given to a select few, but was most likely pulled from release because of the controversy that might’ve been caused by the inclusion of the Saudi Arabian flag, which includes a message that reads “There is only one God and Mohammed is the Messenger of God.”

Of course, shying away from controversy is the last thing we’d expect from Supreme — so who knows why this is such a limited piece?!

Supreme “Vuitton” Crusher, 2000

Bucket hats… we’re just going to say it, are kind of lame. But for whatever reason when you throw a bunch of logos on one, they just end up looking pretty dope. What makes the Supreme Vuitton crusher dope is that Supreme never got Louis V’s permission to include this remixed version of the luxury brand’s famous patterning. As such, the bucket hats were pulled off the shelves within two weeks of their release.

Meaning this drop was destined to be rare!

Supreme “Vuitton” Caps, 2000

Released in the same year as the Vuitton Crusher, the Vuitton caps took everything that made the matching bucket hats cool and improved upon the design. By, you know, printing the pattern on a six-panel hat instead of a stupid bucket hat.

Supreme Nuggets Hat, 2003

Supreme repped the Denver Nuggets hard on this trucker hat that borrows the Nugget’s jersey design for a new spin on a retro look. “Nuggets” was swapped out from the jersey’s original design for, fittingly, “Supreme,” and the snow-covered Rockies have been replaced with a white skyline of New York City, allowing Supreme to rep both the Mile High City and the city that never sleeps in a single look.

Supreme Heineken Cap, 2003

In the early 00s, it would be fair to describe Supreme as bratty. They dropped a pair of SB Dunks in the beer’s iconic colors and the brand was less than pleased with Supreme lifting part of their design. When Supreme heard that there was static, they dropped a hat covered in Heineken logos.

See? Bratty.

Supreme “Pirates” Cap, 2007


For whatever reason, in the ‘00s, people starting rocking Pittsburgh Pirates hats whether or not they were fans of the team or even fans of baseball. We can’t say why, but for a minute the hottest headwear look in streetwear was a black cap with an embroidered “P” in the center, so Supreme ran with that trend and gave us the “Pirates” cap, which is almost identical to a Pittsburgh Pirates cap only it says Supreme.

And no shade to Pittsburgh but… that makes it better.

Supreme “World Famous” Cap, 2007

Another play on a piece of sports memorabilia. For the “World Famous” cap, Supreme lifted the “W” logo from the Washington Nationals and combined it with one of the brand’s commonly used tags “World Famous,” inserting a cartoon Earth in place of the “o.”

If you own this and you’re a Washington Nationals fan, congratulations, you have the coolest Washington Nationals cap ever. And it’s unofficial, which somehow makes it more official!

Supreme Corduroy Script Cap, 2007

A supremely (see what we did there?) elegant piece, the Corduroy script hat is a great showcase for the brand’s love of minimalism. We have a simple Supreme’s script logo, the always dope color combo of blue and white, and a dope as hell fabric choice.

What else does a good cap need?

Supreme “By Any Means” Cap, 2008

Like 2007’s “World Famous” cap, this design borrows an iconic baseball team logo — The New York Yankees — and combines it with one of Supreme’s oft used phrases, “By Any Means Necessary.”

It’s a little bit more dope than the Washington Nationals cap thanks to the “No ❤️” branding that mimics the classic “I ❤️NY” tourist shirts.

Supreme Olympic Beanie, 2008

We’d like to live in a world where all Olympic memorabilia was designed by Supreme. 2008’s Olympic Beanies somehow manage to look both retro and like something we’ve never seen before. Supreme tried to be inclusive here, dropping colorways made up of the colors utilized across many national flags, rather than outright repping a specific country.

Who knows, if COVID-19 didn’t cancel the 2020 Olympics, we might have a whole new set of Olympic themed headwear from Supreme. Here is hoping it drops next year.

Supreme Balloons Camp Cap, 2008


Supreme is at its best when the brand is being silly. What were they going for dropping a collection of hats with hot air balloons? Who knows, but we love it. Primarily because it looks like a design Will Smith would’ve rocked on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Supreme Alpine Camp Cap, 2008

You probably couldn’t tell at first glance, but this Alpine Camp cap has a very unique patterning featuring rock climbing gear. It’s a hat made for rock climbers. No other streetwear brand has done that.

We just wonder why there hasn’t been a The North Face Supreme hat collection this cool.

Supreme “World Famous” Snapback, 2008

Maybe we were wrong about Supreme’s love for sports, maybe it’s all just a troll. This hat feels designed to piss people off. Here we’ve got the Miami Hurricanes mascot printed on the side sporting a t-shirt that reads “NY,” which is sure to piss off fans of both states. To top it off, we have “World Famous” embroidered in two different fonts.

What does any of it mean?!

Supreme/American Needle S Logo Cap, 2008

This collaboration is pure vintage snapback. For this pinstriped cap, Supreme linked up with American Needle, a brand that calls itself “The Original Snapback” for a design that pays homage to the early baseball caps of the 1900s. In Supreme’s hands, it still looks cool over 120 years later.

Supreme Posse Corduroy Panel Hat, 2008

The Posse Corduroy Panel Hat is the cap that single-handedly created thousands of Supreme obsessed hype beast Zoomers. Well, saying single-handedly is probably being too generous to the design when it was Tyler the Creator who popularized this particular fit.

These days it’s hard to picture Tyler rocking anything that doesn’t say Golf or has a donut on it, but vintage Tyler was all about the Posse Corduroy.

Supreme Subhumans Cap, 2009

My favorite thing about this hat is that you don’t have to be a fan of either Supreme or English punk band Subhumans to dig it. It’s just a cool design. Liking things that look dope will always be cool. Liking something because it says “Supreme” or reps your favorite brand? Lame reason to like something.

This hat also pisses off hardcore Subhumans fans when they realize it says “Supreme” and not the name of their favorite band. And isn’t pissing people off the most punk thing of all?

Supreme Budweiser Bucket Hat, 2009


I hate hate hate hate Supreme’s Budweiser collaboration. But to deny that this wasn’t a significant drop by the brand would just be a lie. This hat was EVERYWHERE at music festivals in 2009, so much so that it sent above-it-all hipsters towards Pabst, just to feel different.

Supreme Feathers Camp Cap, 2010

Again, Supreme owes a significant debt to Tyler the Creator. Would Supreme be as hot as it is right now if a new generation of kids didn’t know anything about the brand? We don’t think so.

This hat is case in point.

Supreme “Land of the Free” Hat, 2010

A little slice of commentary from Supreme, this design ripped Red Man Chewing Tobacco’s logo and replaced the slogan “America’s Best Chew” with “Land of the Free” marked with an asterisk. We didn’t say the commentary was strong, but it does seem the brand is trying to say something about the genocidal beginnings of America.

Misprint Supreme Ethnic Soft Bill Camp Cap, 2011’

In 2011 Supreme f*cked up and accidentally printed a bunch of hats with an upside-down boxed logo. So they bumped up the price and sold off the limited stock as a rarity. The fact that it worked so well is the sort of thing that will either make you love or hate the brand!

Supreme / The North Face Checkered Cap, 2011

In an earlier entry, we complained that there aren’t enough dope The North Face x Supreme hats. We still feel that way, but this mustard-colored checkered cap from 2011 is proof that the brands are at least capable of making it happen. Can we see a rock climber or a hiker rocking this hat?

Unfortunately, no. Which is cool for Supreme heads but kind of sucks for The North Face fans.

Supreme Classic Logo Camp Cap, 2011


How is it possible for a single brand to have this many iconic logos? People go every bit as crazy for the classic Supreme logo, seen here on these camp caps, as they do for Supreme’s classic box logo. This collection remains hard to find to this day, meaning if Supreme ever drops a refresh people are going to lose their minds.

Supreme Donegal Wool/Suede Visor Camp Camp, 2011


It’s almost impossible to wear Donegal Wool without breaking out into an itchy fit, but put the fabric on a hat and you’ve got a fashion-forward solution to the problem. These hats are sickeningly fly, even 9 years later. While there is no doubt that the red box logo was the fan favorite, we’re loving the green and blue variation for their subtly toned wool.

Supreme x Loro Piana Camp Caps, 2011


These hats are still everywhere. Made in collaboration with Italian luxury wool and cashmere brand Loro Piana, this multi-colored set has become a defining design from the brand and they still play off its look in more recent releases.

100% classic. 100% Supreme.

Supreme Leopard Safari Camp Cap, 2011

Tyler the Creator, yet again, rocked this top and bottom bill leopard printed 5-panel cap to the VMAs and the brand had another instant classic on their hands. It’s still one of Supreme’s best caps and proof that leopard print can be fly… in the right hands.

Supreme Tree Camo Camp Cap, 2012


A dope enough design that Kanye West himself once wore the matching pullover. Ye in Supreme feels like a rarity, and for that reason alone we’re including the hat version of his famous look.

Supreme Croc Camp Cap, 2012


Always up for a challenge, Supreme took on faux crocodile skin for a cap in three colorways with other accessories — backpacks, camera cases, etc. — to match. Not gonna lie, it’s kinda cool. No matter how risky of a fashion choice it is.

A faux-crocodile skin cap in blue, red, or black? Leave it to Supreme to make a thing no one asked for or thought of and still manage to make them cool.

Supreme x Vans x Campbell’s Soup Cap, 2012


Part of a larger collaboration with Vans, this Supreme trucker hat is pure Warhol. Though… these days we don’t know how well a red hat holds up. Does this make you think of Warhol or Trump? Scary.

Supreme “Hate” Camp Cap, 2013


This hat could’ve only been made in the Obama era. These days it seems a little too dark to drop a cap with a statement like “hate” plastered all over it, but when the country didn’t feel like a hate-filled never-ending nightmare, no one would bat an eye at a design this whimsical that also veered negative.

Supreme Velvet Camo Camp Cap, 2013


This hat just doesn’t work in California. It’s made of velvet, which is probably one of the least ideal fabrics to wear on your head unless you know, you like sweating all over your face. But rocking this during an East Coast winter? Classic look.

Supreme/Commes de Garćon SHIRT Cap, 2014

This is simply a dope design. Made in collaboration with Comme des Garçons, this hat features vertical pinstripes and a backward Supreme logo. Only this time it was intentional, so the brand didn’t upcharge for it.

You know, more than they already do.

Supreme/Jordan® Hat, 2015

Dropped as part of a larger collection consisting of hats, shoes, shirts, and athletic wear, you can’t go wrong with a hat that reps both Supreme and Air Jordan. You could call this one lazy, but how else would you want this collaboration to look? It gets the job done.

Supreme/Stone Island Heat Reflective Cap, 2016

Personally, I’m not a fan of metallics, but it’s hard to deny that this collaboration between Supreme and Stone Island isn’t dope. The colors of this hat are supposed to change based on how much exposure to heat and sunlight it receives. It’s gimmicky, but just look at it!

Is it not the dopest banana colored cap you’ve ever seen?

Supreme/Rap-A-Lot Records Hats, 2017


Satin 5-panel hats that rep late-80s hip-hop label Rap-A-Lot records? Leave it to Supreme to make a hat that only the core heads will know to love.

Supreme Classic Logo Six Panel Hats, 2018


This Christmas, gift me (or someone you know, whatever) an all-cotton six-panel classic logo hat in pink or yellow. It’s certain that if you do, I (they) will be your best friend until the end of time

Supreme Washed Chambray S Logo 6-Panel Hats, 2018


This feels a little too close to Palace for comfort, but with that iconic “S” logo, this collection also looks like a candy bowl full of Skittles. In a cool way.

Look at them for a minute, they’ll grow on you.

Supreme Military Boonie, 2018


This throwback piece is pure Hot Boys. Military Boonies are just a step above bucket hats in my book, but the camo iteration is the only hat I want to wear on my next outdoorsy adventure.

Supreme/Cordura Mesh Crusher, 2018


If you’re wondering why the list suddenly exploded with bucket hats, it’s because the damn things are enjoying a streetwear renaissance right now. It feels a little too ironic to rock a bucket during a global pandemic, but we’re expecting to see lots of bucket hats when music festivals are finally a thing again.

Supreme Floral 5-Panel Cap, 2018


Supreme is probably the only streetwear brand that’s able to comfortably navigate maximalism as much as they can minimalism. Whether they’re slapping their logo in a red box and calling it a day, or dropping a hat with a loud collegiate font and an all-over flower print, they’re somehow able to make it all work.

Supreme Ganesh 5-Panel Caps, 2018


It would be fair to say that Supreme is a fairly… random brand. Seven colorways all featuring an orange patch with the Hindu deity Ganesh. Which may lead you to ask: Why?

The harder question to answer is: how did it end up so dope?

Supreme Primaloft Earflap Camp Cap, 2018


If Supreme was a brand purely concerned with looks, it would a lot lamer. Luckily that isn’t the case, and this Earflap Camp cap is proof of their attention to functionality. Made in collaboration with Primaloft, a synthetic microfiber thermal insulation material developed for the U.S. Army in the 80s, this cap was made to keep your head warm and your hat game strong.

Supreme Fleece Pullcord Camp Camp, 2018


Pullcord caps, you either love them or hate them. Thanks to Supreme’s clean design and heavy use of fleece here, we’re not mad at it. But in the hands of any other brand, that probably wouldn’t be the case.

Note to hat makers. Stop making pull cord caps.

Supreme Patent Leather Patch Camp Cap, 2018


Remember when I said I wasn’t a fan of metallic fabrics? Patent leather is why. Why have ugly overly reflective material when you can have the sheen of patent leather?

Supreme Vampire Beanie, 2018


Made in collaboration with Alien Workshop cofounder Mike Hill, this acrylic beanie looks unlike anything produced by Supreme. It’s also a reminder that Supreme is a skatewear focused brand, and a sports or outdoor brand like this list would lead you to believe.

Supreme Contrast Panel Camp Cap, 2018


These caps are slightly retro and remind us of the days when color was king. Each piece (except for the black colorway) is pieced together in two different colors, providing options for the streetwear lover or skater who likes a little pop of color in their world.

A little retro, this collection of camp caps from Supreme dropped at the height of streetwear’s ‘90s revival. We’re still deep in that, so these are looking just as fresh as they did two years ago.

Supreme Faux Fur Camp Cap, 2019


Dropped as part of 2019’s Fall/Winter season, aka the last season before the world entered a global pandemic, the Supreme Faux Fur Camp Caps featured an ultra-clean box logo design in white, black, and mint. White is quickly becoming Supreme’s go-to color of choice since Trump appropriated the red cap and white lettering look. We think this is a step up.

Supreme USPS Flap Cap, 2019


Back before the Post Office became a topic of political discourse and a fixture in the streetwear realm, it was Supreme that first opened people’s eyes to how dope the uniforms and iconography of U.S. Postal workers are. This piece has never been more relevant and shows that the only way the U.S. Postal uniform could be cooler is to have Supreme themselves design future fits.

We hope this isn’t the last we see of this partnership.

Supreme Box Logo Ushankas, 2019


The audacity of Supreme to launch a Russian inspired ushanka in an attempt to launch a very weird trend! We’re glad it didn’t take off, but we got to hand it to Supreme, only they’ve could’ve made this effort.

Does it belong in the top 50? Maybe not. But as a conversation piece? Definitely.

Supreme x Kangol Fuzzy Cap, 2020


There is no doubt that Samuel L. Jackson made Kangol hats cool, but if Samuel L. Jackson in his prime was somehow transported to 2020 (this is the year of weird random things happening), there is no doubt in our mind that he’d be rocking this fuzzy cap version by Supreme.

Anyone looking to capture Jackson’s swagger in the modern age would do the same.

Supreme GORE-TEX Rammelizee Camp Cap, 2020


Made in collaboration with New York-based artist Rammelizee, this GORE-TEX equipped Nylon cap features an all-over space print that looks like it came straight off of vintage bedsheets from the ‘80s. The collection also consisted of matching beanies and Anorak jackets, but the Camp Cap’s are the best utilization of the design.