Beyonce Is Releasing Nefertiti-Inspired Merch Sure To Sell Out In Milliseconds

03.30.18 1 year ago 4 Comments


The royal reign continues as Beyonce deflects from the bite heard ’round the world with a new line of merch. Queen Bey is channeling another monarch — Queen Nefertiti, the reputed “most beautiful woman ever” — in a new collection on her online store (the first since her Valentine’s Day-themed capsule). Our royal highness is dressed like the Egyptian queen in five new pieces with a toned down color scheme: her photos are in black and white, and the pieces — a long-sleeved shirt, two crop tops, a regular tee, and a hoodie — only come in white, black, and orange. Beyonce is featured only from the neck up in each, but her head is adorned in what the ancient ruler, King Tut’s mother, is featured wearing in numerous depictions.

We have quite a few hypotheses as to why Bey would have chosen Nefertiti for this capsule: Recently, people online have been criticizing a bust of Queen Nefertiti that was reconstructed using her remains for looking noticeably more European than she probably would have, considering the queen was of African descent and early depictions of her show much different features. Maybe she was setting the record straight? Beyonce is also known for calling herself “king,” and Nefertiti is said to have been promoted to co-regent alongside her pharaoh husband, often depicted in the same posture of a king in ancient depictions. And of course, we know who is the reigning Queen of R&B.

Whatever Bey meant to say with this release, we’re with it.



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