3D Printers Made These Beautiful, Unique Pasta Shapes For Maximum Sauce Capture

Specialty shaped pastas are usually reserved for children’s macaroni and cheese and for bachelorette parties, but with new 3D printers, there is a whole world of possibilities opened up to amateur chefs. To encourage this trend, Barilla hosted a competition for the best new pasta shapes, and the winners did not disappoint.

The recently announced winners include Rosa, a rose -shaped pasta that will bloom like a flower as it is cooked, shown above. Rosa is designed by Loris Tupin of Maxilly sur Léman, France.

A second winner was Vortipa, by Danilo Spiga and Luis Fraguarda of Caliga, Italy, which looks like an edible woven vortex.

Last but not least is Lune from Alessandro Carabini of Paris, France, modeled after a full moon with craters. The hollow ball is supposed to help hold sauces in the pasta.

Out of the three winners, the Rosa is the prettiest design while the Vortipa could work really well as far as holding meat or vegetables. To be honest, I would probably pick the Lune if given the choice between all three. Any pasta that gives me extra sauce hidden inside of the pasta is a win for me.

Then again, ravioli has already technically perfected filled pasta, and amateur chefs can make it at home, no 3D printer necessary.

Via Gizmodo