The Latest iOS Update Is Reportedly Wrecking The iPhone’s Battery Life

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11.28.16 3 Comments


The iPhone is no stranger to battery problems, but it looks like Apple has hit an especially large battery-killing bump with the latest update to iOS 10 (10.1.1) which is quickly collecting reports of wrecking battery life and making its users miserable.

A thread on YCombinator is rapidly collecting stories of the iPhone, especially the iPhone 6 and 6S, experiencing severe battery issues when the new update is installed. While the details vary, the broad strokes are fairly clear: The battery drains fast, the phone runs hot, and battery life is as short as three to four hours, with phones shutting down while showing 30% to 50% power left. The iPhone’s battery management app is offering nothing in the way of guidance as to what’s happening, and users are reporting it’s way off, possibly simply tracking how long apps are being used instead of their power drain.

Short battery life has been an issue before, but the new update is apparently aggravating the problem. And it’s not clear exactly what’s causing the battery to run out so quickly. Some are reporting a hardware switch fixed the issue, others claim that it eventually resolved itself, and still others have no relief in sight just yet. Anybody experiencing the problem should contact Apple about the issue, and keep a charger handy.

The same thread reports that 10.2 solves the issue. We’ll likely see whether that’s true sooner rather than later, as Apple is reportedly working on a fix.

(Via PC Mag)

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