‘Black Mirror’ Is Taking Credit For One Of Apple’s Newest iPhone X Features

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Channel 4

If you were trapped under a rock today or just live your life by bouncing from moment to moment, you might’ve missed the introduction of Apple’s new pair of iPhones. Not only did the company debut the iPhone 8, the $700 affordable option for your next Apple smartphone, they also brought out the iPhone X and its $1,000 price tag. You can check out all of the similarities, differences, and new features in our roundup, but the one thing that the X is bringing that is interesting here is their Face ID technology and the introduction of the Animojis thanks to the phone’s “true depth” camera.

If talking animal avatars seems familiar, you might be a fan of Black Mirror. While the show has had a few interesting ideas that have hit close to reality, including the prime minister of England being involved with a pig, the introduction of Apple’s face recognition technology and the Animojis actually hit close enough to the Charlie Brooker created series that it just had to respond to it on Twitter:

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