Netflix Teases The Return Of ‘Black Mirror’ With A Sneak Peek And Six New Episode Titles

It’s been less than a year since the third season of Charlie Brooker’s critically acclaimed Black Mirror premiered on Netflix in October of 2016, but apparently we’re already close to a fourth season. Although this new teaser from Netflix doesn’t give a specific premiere date and only says “coming soon,” it also gives us our first glimpse of all six episodes of the upcoming season of the British science fiction anthology series, including titles.

First up is “Crocodile,” which seems to take place somewhere remote and frozen, but whatever threat looms is vague. The second episode, “Arkangel,” featuring Rosemarie DeWitt, plays on the evil child trope we’ve seen so many times before, only now with an updated, technological angle fitting of the series. “Hang the DJ” appears to be another take on the modern, technology-enhanced relationship, while “USS Callister” already looks to be the stand out episode of the season, a Star Trek spoof of sorts featuring Jesse Plemons — following his 2015 turn on the second season of Fargo.

Then we have “Metalhead,” which looks like it could be either a “robots turns against us” theme, or possibly something to do with a government state, and finally “Black Museum,” which features light-helmet wearing people in a premise that seems too difficult to even begin to decipher in the few seconds we see.

The fourth season of Black Mirror will likely premiere in late 2017 or early 2018, so start preparing yourselves now for what will likely be another thrilling and highly unsettling roller-coaster!