A New Chrome Add-On Will Protect You From Any And All Spoilers On The Web, You Big Babies

Because we live in a world where people will miss the live broadcast of a television show they enjoy for reasons that are rarely anyone else’s fault or problem, and then get upset at other people for discussing said show three or four full days later on social media or on a pop culture website that they visited using their own free will, I would like to take this opportunity to bring a new Chrome app called Unspoiler to your attention. It is a browser add-on that allows you to enter keywords — like, say, “game of thrones” or “breaking bad” or “dog with a blog,” depending on exactly what you don’t want spoiled — and have any and all information related to those keywords blocked on your screen with a giant red bar. Like this:

And because you are reading all these sentences that I am typing right now, that means that you are officially aware of this product, and the potential future existence of others like it. So, provided everything works as it claims, you have now lost the right to complain to me or anyone else online about “ruining” a show that you love sooooooooo much, but couldn’t carve 22 or 45 minutes out of your life to pound through before screwing around on the Internet the following afternoon. This is on you now. The rest of us are finally free.

(via The AV Club)