Be The Queen Of The Castle With These Elaine Quotes From ‘Seinfeld’

Since Seinfeld ended 17 years ago, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss has become its most successful star (she’s the President of the United States for goodness sake). Similarly, Elaine Benes has become somewhat of a prototype for the perfect female sitcom lead, from her — at times — rather misanthropic view of the world, to being an outspoken and independent woman who unabashedly says what she’s thinking and quite literally dances like no one is watching. So for all of those reasons and the fact that it’s been impossible for me and my family to get together without quoting and making references to her and Seinfeld since the ’90s, I’ve gathered 20 of Elaine’s most memorable lines from the course of the show’s nine seasons. Don’t agree with these choices? Add your favorites in the comments.

“Get out!”

Elaine made shoving your friends in disbelief the norm, by literally shoving each and every one of them throughout the course of the show!

“I’ll go, if I don’t have to talk.”

She showed people that it’s okay to be in one another’s company while remaining completely silent when she agreed to hang out with Jerry on strictly those terms.

“He took IT out.”

Elaine foreshadowed the sexts and Snapchats girls everywhere would unfortunately be on the recieving end of in the not too distant future when she went on a blind date with one of Jerry’s friends and he exposed himself to her.

“We just wanna take this and add that.”

Everyone wants to have their cake and eat it too, which is why Elaine and Jerry trying to figure out how to become friends with benefits was such a monumental moment in Seinfeld history.

“You’re bald! I don’t like this thing! And here’s what I’m doing with it!”

Elaine made it okay to call people on their BS when she called out George for being the ultimate hypocrite for not wanting to date someone who was bald, even though he was wearing a toupee.