20 Things We’ll Miss The Most About ‘30 Rock’

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01.29.13 88 Comments

After seven seasons and 136 episodes, 30 Rock comes to an end with a two-part finale this Thursday, making Friday the first time in 16 years that Tina Fey won’t be on TV. I’m not sure if I’m ready for this. We’ve dedicated dozens, if not hundreds, of posts to Liz Lemon, Jack Donaghy, Jenna Maroney, and the rest of the NBC/Kabletown crew over the years, and now that it’s concluding, it’s time to look back at what made the show so great.

This post collects a mere 20 of the thousands of things I’ll miss the most about 30 Rock — amazing examples not mentioned include Grizz and Dot-Com, Lutz’s homosexuality, Tracy’s lizard, Liz’s hoodies, learning more and more about Stone Mountain, Georgia, guessing where Danny was every episode — and now I’m emotional all over again, knowing that we’ll never hear another business talk from Jack or Angie Jordan “HAM.” DON’T LEAVE US, TINA.

#1. The many, many, many fake movies and TV shows.

#2. Liz Lemon encouraging my relationship with large amounts of food.

#3. The terrible Girlie Show sketches that I so wish were real.

#4. Jenna Maroney’s egomania

#5. The lines it got away with.

#6. The forever-quotable Liz Lemon-isms.

#7. The random callbacks, this one from seasons four and seven.


#8. Liz Lemon’s wonderfully cast boyfriends (and husband)…


#9. …and Jack Donaghy’s equally great girlfriends…

(Close enough.)

10. …and the various guest stars over the years.

#11. Cerie Xerox’s outfits (yes, her last name is Xerox; no, I don’t remember why)

#12. Tracy’s threats…

…and taunts…

…and wisdom…

…and feelings on race relations…

…and acting abilities.

Everything Tracy, really.

#13. The NBC burns.

#14. The natural, never forced Star Wars references.

#15. The terrible medical advice from Surgeon General Spaceman.

#16. Scenes like this, possibly my favorite from the entire show.

#17. Pete’s life making me feel better about myself.

#18. The fact that we’ll never hear Jack Donaghy’s Tracy Jordan voice ever again.

#19. The musical moments.

30 Rock – Midnight Train to Georgia from Tomasz on Vimeo.

#20. Jack and Liz’s relationship, the core of the show since season one, episode one.

Thursday’s gonna get emotional. (Via)

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