The Times We Could All Relate To Ted From ‘Scrubs’

Ted Buckland was the perpetual sadsack on Scrubs. He was always the recipient of Dr. Kelso’s abuse, and the joy of playing with The Worthless Peons could only cheer him so much. Still, Ted carried on, day after day. Today, we honor eight moments when we could all feel his pain…

When he had a rather unpleasant experience with food services:

When he didn’t exactly choose the best way to express his anger:

When he had to cope with his difficult life in a brutally honest way:

When he was brutally honest about his position in life:

And even more honest about how good he is at his job:

When he struggled to put up with a boss who didn’t respect him:

When his friends helped him get through a problem that we’ve all had:

Finally, when he met the one person who made all of his hardships worthwhile: