A Brief, Imagined Conversation Based On The Latest ‘Mad Men’ Set Photos

[Don Draper, Roger Sterling, and Harry Crane pull up outside a trendy Los Angeles restaurant, where they are meeting a group of CBS executives for a pitch over lunch. Harry is trying to park the car.]

Harry Crane: Hang on, guys. Just let me parallel park my sweet new convertible. It’ll only take a second.

Roger Sterling: [drinking a glass of gin in the back seat] What’s that? I couldn’t hear you over that jacket.

Harry Crane: Haha, very funny, Roger. I’ll have you know that bright colors and scarves are all the rage in Los Angeles right now. Remember when Ed McNabb from NBC told us that, Don?

Don Draper: [silently stares off into distance]

Harry Crane: Fine, whatever. Anyway, just let me ease this baby in here, then we are off to our meeting. You guys have the pitch ready, right?

Roger Sterling: Of course we have the pitch ready. These TV guys are all the same. Couple drinks with lunch, tell ’em you like their latest awful show, compliment their 19-year-old wife’s dress, and boom. Sold. I could pitch this blindfolded with your mother’s legs wrapped around my head.

Harry Crane: Well, that was certainly uncalled for. Don, you remembered the art for this, right? The new stuff? I still don’t know if changing it at the last minute was smart. Oh, God. We shouldn’t have changed it. DAMMIT, HARRY.

Don Draper: [sighs dismissively, continues silently staring at nothing in particular]

Harry Crane: This is going to be a disaster. We should just cancel the meeting. I’ll tell them I got food poisoning from the food on the plane. That happens a lot, you know. I read an article about in the The New Yorker. Yup, I’ll take us back to the hotel, call them, tell them I have food poisoning, and have Joan overnight the old art.

Roger Sterling: Jesus, Harry! The art is fine. Don and I will take care of it. Will you just shut up and park the car so we can get this over with and enjoy the rest of our trip?

Harry Crane: Okay, yeah, you’re right. It’ll be fine. Just give me one second to straighten out, and then we’ll b-

[Harry bumps his convertible into the car behind him, causing Roger to spill his drink all over his suit.]

Roger Sterling: Great. GREAT. Look what you’ve done. Maybe you could actually drive this thing if you got that ridiculous hair out of your eyes.

Harry Crane: Oh God, I’m so sorry. Oh God. We should cancel. Let’s cancel. I’ll leave a note on the windshield, and then we’ll cancel. Oh God, what if that was one of the executive’s cars? Then they’ll see the note and know we blew off the meeting. Oh God.

Don Draper: Men don’t wear scarves and you look like a banana. Park the car.