A ‘Dating Naked’ Cast Member Is Suing VH1 Because You Saw Her Crotch On TV

08.21.14 5 years ago 41 Comments

After only reading the first word of the show’s name, Dating Naked cast member Jessie Nizewitz is suing VH1 for $10 million because viewers at home saw her naked…while she was dating. During an episode of the reality series that aired in May, Nizewitz stripped down and “performed a WWE-style wrestling move on her date,” according to the NY Post. (Still not as painful as eating at Applebee’s for a first date.) She claims that producers were so busy egging them on that they forgot to blur out her crotch.

Yeah, “forgot.”

“My grandma saw it. I saw her this week and she didn’t have much to say to me. She’s probably mad. My parents are just annoyed,” Nizewitz lamented.

The Long Island beauty has worked with famed fashion designer and convicted pedophile Anand Jon, who counted a who’s who of Hollywood stars as his friends, including Paris Hilton. (Via)

Nizewitz is obviously doing the right thing here. It’s much better to sue a high-profile company, therefore keeping your name in the news and ensuring that Google will always associate you with “crotch” and “pedophile,” than it is to pretend this never happened. If anything, this is actually good news for Nizewitz’s career — now she’s ready for any show on HBO.

Via NY Post

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