A Guide To The Many Faces Of ‘New Girl’s’ Nick Miller

I believe our beloved Patty Boots said it best in yesterday’s What’s On Tonight: “It’s gonna’ be a long summer without Nick Miller and his grumpy faces and sweet dance moves.” I can’t speak to his sweet dance moves — I’m more of a Fat Schmidt guy myself — but going three months without any new “turtle faces” from New Girl‘s man-of-a-million-surly-expressions Nick Miller, as played by Jake Johnson, is something I’m not looking forward to.

Luckily, we’ve got the Fantastic Faces of Nick Miller to keep us company between next Tuesday’s season finale and whenever the show returns in September. It can be tough processing them all, though, so here’s our helpful guide to the man once known as Julius Pepperwood and his many, many, many, etc. faces.

The “Al Pacino GREAT ASS” Face (Via)

The “My Cool Face Is Pretty Cool” Face (Via)

The “Crying While Wearing Women’s Clothing” Face (Via)

The “Shocked” Face (Via)

The “Love Slap” Face (Via)

The “Old Man Miller” Face (Via)

The “I Don’t Know How to Suggest a Threesome” Face (Via)

The “Miserly” Face (Via)

The “My Face Is Made of Sweat and Exasperation” Face (Via)

The “Questions You Ask Yourself When You’re Scared, Stoned, and Alone at 2 a.m.” Face (Via)

The “Right Side of My Face Stopped Working” Face (Via)

The “People Are the Worst” Face (Via)

The “Sandwiches and Sex Are the Best” Face (Via)

The “In Your Face” Face (Via)

The “Mouth Full of Vomit and/or Blowfish Impression” Face (Via)

The “I’m Totally Not Stoned” Face (Via)

The “I Live Recklessly When It Comes to My Personal Health” Face (Via)

The “Nick Miller Happy Dance” Face (Via)

The “I Don’t Have a Vagina and I’m Angry That You Think I Do” Face (Via)

The “Twitch or Stroke?” Face (Via)

The “Yeah, I Wrote a Book About Zombies, So What?” Face (Via)

The “Totally Humble” Face (Via)

The “Sluts Are the Best” Face (Via)

The “Winky” Face (Via)

The “I’m a Grown-Ass Man and If I Want to Use My Fingers as Forks, I Will” Face (Via)

The “Meta” Face (Via)

The “I Don’t Know What the Hell I’m Feeling, But I’m Definitely Feeling Something” Face (Via)

The “Inspiring Speech” Face (Via)

The “I Totally Forget What’s Going On Here, Something to Do With Making a Drink, Maybe” Face (Via)

The “Uncomfortable” Face (Via)

The “#NOPE” Face (Via)

The “Correct Way to Drink a Cocktail” Face (Via)

The “Judging You” Face (Via)

The “Resembling Some Kind of Small Rodent” Face (Via)

The “Workaholics Reference” Face (Via)

The “I Immediately Regret This Decision” Face (Via)

The “Suppressing My Rage” Face (Via)

The “You Can’t Tell What I’m Reacting to, Because Beard” Face (Via)

The “I’ve Comes to Terms with What God Gave Me” Face (Via)

The “I Look Damn Good In This Jacket That Doesn’t Belong to Me or My Gender” Face (Via)

The “It Rubs the Lotion On Its Teenage Skin” Face (Via)

The “Mush Mouth Is My Style Icon” Face (Via)

The “FREEZE FRAME” Face (Via)