A Nation Mourns As TNT Cancels ‘Franklin & Bash’ After Four Seasons


TNT has opted not to order a fifth season of the legal buddy dramedy Franklin & Bash. This happens to be the first major programming decision since Turner Broadcasting brought in Kevin Reilly to oversee TNT and TBS. Franklin & Bash got off to a solid start in 2011 but has been slipping in the past few years. Its most recent fourth season started with 1.246 million viewers, down -60% from the Season 3 opener. The season and now series finale drew 975,000 viewers. [Deadline]

I… I just… This is… But they… Oh God. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. They had four seasons. That’s more than most shows get. Be strong, DG. You can do this. Remember the good times, like when they won a case by bringing a pitching machine into court and firing a ball at the judge. Or the time they unionized the strippers of Los Angeles. Or the times — multiple — they held important legal strategy sessions inside a hot tub. Or the… oh no. The hot tub. WHAT ABOUT THE HOT TUB?

You know what? I can’t do this. The wounds are too fresh, too raw. I need time. The best I can do right now is express myself through song.

Good night, sweet bros.

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