A Pennsylvania Couple Got A ‘Duck Dynasty’ Surprise At Their Wedding This Weekend

I’ll be the first to admit that Duck Dynasty isn’t my thing, and that I probably wouldn’t recognize a single cast member even if all of them walked into my living room right now followed by a camera crew wearing Duck Dynasty Crew t-shirts, but even with all that said, this story is pretty cool: Willie Robertson, one of the show’s stars, surprised a Pennsylvania couple at their wedding this weekend. (Video here.)

The nuts and bolts are as follows: Meghan Cook and Charlie Miller wanted to have a camo-themed wedding in a brand new outdoors store in their area, with duck calls playing as Meghan walked down the aisle. The same day their wedding was scheduled, however, the store also booked Robertson to come smile, take pictures, and sign autographs for the show’s huge fanbase. Miller thought about canceling and rescheduling since there would be a large crowd at the store to see Robertson, but she decided to keep the wedding date as planned, and during the ceremony Robertson walked out and surprised them, which Miller described as “like Christmas morning when you’re a kid.”

It was the bride’s mother’s idea to have the wedding at the store. “Ever since I was a little kid, that’s all we did — hunt and fish — so I didn’t want to be in no church in a tuxedo. I wanted to feel comfortable and just have fun,” Miller said.

The folks at Field & Stream played along and convinced Robertson to surprise the couple and their families — a dream for Cook, who never thought she’d get married.

In October 2009, Cook’s fiance, Louis Young, was killed in a car crash the week before their wedding. Two years later, she met Miller at a memorial for Young. “We’ve been together ever since,” she said. “My life ended at the accident site, and it started there again.”

Yes, this is adorable. And while my taste would certainly be less camo-themed-wedding-at-outdoors-store-featuring-guest-appearance-by-bearded-reality-TV-star than it would be diamond-heist-themed-wedding-in-Monaco-with-guest-appearances-by-Vin-Diesel-and-Ludacris, who the hell am I to tell these two crazy lovebirds how to live their lives? Your wedding, your day. Mazel tov.

(via WTAE)