A Show Titled ‘How Booze Built America’ Hosted By Mike Rowe? In

09.12.12 13 Comments

It appears as though television networks have started marketing to me and me alone, because in addition to new reality shows about police dogs and Bobby Brown, and a ridiculous-sounding cop show produced by Michael Bay, there is also going to be a three-part series on the Discovery Channel titled How Booze Built America, hosted by Mike Rowe (aka Outdoorsy Jon Hamm).

In each hour-long installment, Rowe travels the country for a history lesson on how alcohol helped shape our nation, from the Puritans landing the Mayflower early because they ran out of beer, to the boozing ways of former presidents George Washington (who distilled his own whiskey) and Thomas Jefferson (who brewed his own beer). Historical reenactments and interviews with experts will also help Rowe get in the spirit(s). [TV Guide]

Good for Mike Rowe. Discovery has had the poor guy crawling around in muck and goo for almost 10 years on Dirty Jobs, and then, when they finally gave him another assignment one year, he had to swim with terrifying soulless monsters as the host of Shark Week. He deserves a break. And what better break is there than trading in your overalls and poop shovel for a t-shirt and jeans and a glass of bourbon, all on the company dime? I sure can’t think of one.

So, yeah, as a huge history dork and a fan of brown liquor, this concept has my full support.

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