A Teen Asked Netflix To Prom, And Netflix Said Yes!

04.11.14 5 years ago 5 Comments

I think we’ve all been there: When the rest of the world has rejected us, Netflix is always there in our time of need. It’s the perfect life partner: It never asks anything of us (except for $7.99 a month), and all it does is give. Muthana Sweis, a student at Marist High School in Chicago, has learned that lesson early in life.

The 17 year old asked Netflix if he could get his Tweet retweeted 1,000 times whether Netflix would go to junior prom with him. Netflix said yes, and instead of getting a boutonnière and a pity kiss at the end of the night, Muthana Sweis got something even better.

From Adweek:

The site’s accompaniment consisted of providing a tuxedo, car and chauffeur based on movies and TV shows it carries. Sweis chose a classy James Bond Skyfall tux and a classic ’50s Buick from Grease, along with John Travolta’s character as his driver. (Breaking Bad’s mobile meth lab was among the vehicle choices. Too bad Sweis didn’t pick that one and really get the prom cooking.)

What insane 17 year old would choose the Grease Buick over Breaking Bad’s mobile meth lab? No wonder he has to ask Netflix to prom.

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