Aaron Paul Is Super Sorry About That ‘Breaking Bad’ Jesse Pinkman Spin-Off Prank

Last summer, Aaron Paul found out what it was like to incur the wrath of Breaking Bad fans by innocently enough “announcing” on Periscope that he and Vince Gilligan were working on a Jesse Pinkman spin-off that would follow his character’s journey to Alaska. Ha ha ha! That sounds like a good joke that frothing, hardcore Breaking Bad fans would appreciate!

Although Paul tweeted out an apology, the damage was already done. But for what it’s worth, he still feels “like an asshole” about it, as he explained on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night while promoting his new film Triple Nine (in an interview that went slightly better than his costar Casey Affleck’s on Colbert). He explains that the root was in response to people constantly asking when season six was coming out (clearly the series ended after season five), so he thought it would be funny to prank people with news of a spin-off. It only took until immediately for him to realize that, no, this was not a good joke, as he saw the comments flooding in before he could even finish.

So, if you were still somehow holding out hope, let this be definitive proof that Aaron Paul and Breaking Bad are never ever getting back together.