ABC Made A Hilarious Boo-Boo With Its On-Screen Promos During 'Once Upon A Time' Last Night

Prior to last night’s episode of Once Upon a Time, my official stance on those moving promos that pop up on the bottom of the screen during a show was that they are creepy and distracting and I hate them. But now that stance has been changed to “they are creepy and distracting but sometimes they are hilarious,” because ABC tried to advertise their new spin-off Once Upon a Time in Wonderland while actress Ginnifer Goodwin was on the screen last night, and …

You know what? I’m not gonna spoil this. I’ll let you enjoy it with fresh eyes. Let’s just say that between the placement of the promo, the dialogue that preceded it, and the mischievous bunny rabbit responsible the action, the stars aligned pretty much perfectly on this one.


(via Gawker, photo Credit: ABC)