ABC’s ‘Selfie’ Is What Happens When TV Tries To ‘Get’ The Internet

Suburgatory creator Emily Kapnek is very talented. Karen Gillan is very talented. John Cho is very talented. So how can so many talented people make something as terrible looking as this?

Yeesh. In case you’ve forgotten, and I’m sure you haven’t, Selfie is a modern-day retelling of My Fair Lady about a “woman obsessed with becoming famous through the use of social media platforms until she realizes that she needs to actually find people that she can be friends with physically instead of ‘friend’ them online. This prompts Eliza to hire Henry Higenbottam, a marketing self-image guru who is left with the task of rebranding Eliza’s image in the hopes to show her that there is more to life out there than just playing Candy Crush Saga with a iPhone and connecting with a Facebook page.”

My feelings for that premise:

I hate the Internet for letting THAT happen (and for some backroom TV executive for making Gillan do an American accent).