Adam McKay Recounts To Seth Meyers The Time He Gloriously Pranked Lorne Michaels

As most are probably aware, comedy director, producer and screenwriter Adam McKay spent a good stint as writer for Saturday Night Live from 1995 to 2001, three seasons of which he served as head writer. During that time, one of his antics became legendary among future SNL writers, including eventual head writer Seth Meyers. As such, on Monday night’s episode of Late Night, Meyers asked McKay to recall the time he pranked Lorne Michaels during what was an apparently very drawn out meeting in which Lorne and the host would pick out the week’s sketches.

Despite producing a long-running comedy variety show, Lorne Michaels isn’t exactly known for his sunny disposition, so even among a bunch of comedians and comedy writers, he’s not typically a target for pranks. But despite Will Ferrell’s protests, McKay was towards the end of his run with no f*cks to give, which was how he ended up calling Lorne Michaels pretending to be then-New York Yankees manager Joe Torre, asking him to “lay off the gay humor.”

It’s to be assumed that all was quickly forgiven, but also unlikely that anyone has attempted to pull a stunt on Lorne since.