Adam Pally Brings A Bungling Donald Trump Jr. To Life On Comedy Central’s ‘The President Show’

For the first several months of his presidency, Donald Trump’s sons Donald Jr. and Eric mostly stayed out of the spotlight, instead supposedly focusing as trustees for The Trump Organization. Of course, all that changed a week ago when the leaked content of emails between Donald Jr. and a Russian lawyer provided the first concrete evidence that there was, in fact, collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia — a story that continues to unravel by the hour.

While it’s still unclear what legal repercussions the younger Donald faces, so far this development has put him squarely in the cross-hairs of ridicule. Now Comedy Central’s The President Show, which has been quietly nailing some of the best Trump satire out there, has taken a crack at Don Jr. with a little help from guest star Adam Pally.

Not wasting any time, Pally makes his grand entrance by crawling out from under the desk in the Oval Office, reasoning that since everyone loved when JFK Jr. did it, “now they’ll all love ‘lil Don Don!” Anthony Atamanuik’s Trump proceeds with his “Executive Orders” segment, barring frequent interruptions from Pally’s Trump Jr., such as him chortling, “Boy, you really hate women, dad,” in response to a jab at “bloody-faced” Mika Brzezinski.

But the bit’s best line comes when — after pointing out the obvious problems facing the GOP healthcare bill — “Trump Jr.” remarks, “Plus the whole thing with Obamacare was that a black guy told us to do it, and we did not like that … and then you said he was born in Kenya, but you knew…” It’s just a shame that we can’t swap the real Trump Jr. out for the fake one.

(Via Splitsider)