Cartoon Network Responds To The Woman Who Just Learned Adult Swim Exists And Thinks It’s Witchcraft

Because 2020 is a non-stop juggernaut of crazy, Adult Swim found itself in the middle of a viral conspiracy theory after a woman on Twitter stumbled upon Cartoon Network‘s late night animation block for clearly the first time.

Despite the fact that Adult Swim has been on the air since 2001, the woman fired off a set of now-private tweets that accuses Cartoon Network of duping unsuspecting parents by switching its programming from children’s cartoons to content that is a plot to normalize infant sacrifice. Yup, you read that.

“They throw it in your face,” the woman wrote. “They hope you aren’t the kind of parents who monitor what your kids watch and do. What do you see here? I see witches abusing babies. This is not ok.”

After her tweet went viral, the woman was swarmed by Twitter users who pointed that not only has Adult Swim existed for almost two decades, but it’s literally called “Adult Swim” as in not for kids. On top of that, the programming block is known for its bumpers that repeatedly warn that its airing material for mature audiences. Cartoon Network managed to make it twenty years without any problems, but welcome to Twitter.

Clearly the folks at Adult Swim caught wind of the controversy because, first thing Monday morning, they tweeted out its bumper warning that airs before every show along with a polite caption.

You can see Adult Swim’s reaction below:

As for the woman who kicked off the viral event, she took her account private, but not before boasting that “when the darkness is exposed, the demons start panicking,” which is one way you can describe what happened here, we guess.

(Via Adult Swim)