Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump Makes A Stop At Paul Manafort’s Home For An Indictment Shower Party

Alec Baldwin might not be having the best time in his public life at the moment, but his version of Donald Trump on SNL seems to be doing quite well. In the cold open for the first SNL of November, Trump makes a stop by Paul Manafort’s apartment just to see how the newly indicted former adviser is holding up. He’s also there to ensure that Manafort isn’t wearing a wire, leading to the pair sharing some shower time together.

It’s a weird way to start things back, but Cecily Strong’s Melania is actually the most pleasant part of the sketch — and Paul Manafort’s many fine rugs — giving us a pair of nice diversions from shirtless Baldwin and delivering a fine reference to Airplane! in the process. She actually seems happy for once.

Meanwhile, in the shower, Trump and Manafort are joined by a fully-clothed Mike Pence — “I’m not married to the water”– and Jeff Sessions in his best old-timey bathing suit. This where everybody starts scrubbing each other down and making things very odd. Not as odd as likely going to prison, but still pretty odd. There’s also a few choice comments tossed in there about the racial controversy at the World Series — Trump is a fan, of course — and there’s even a Harvey Weinstein joke thrown in for good measure. It’s a little too realistic, though.

(Via SNL)