Alec Baldwin Might Return To TV In A Cable Series About ‘A Rob Ford-Type Mayor Of New York’

It’s been about 18 months since Alec Baldwin almost sailed off in that boat in the series finale of 30 Rock. Since then, he’s been spending his time kicking back and relaxing and losing an MSNBC show for screaming slurs at the paparazzi. You know, Baldwin stuff. But now it appears he may be getting back into the swing of things, as Deadline reports that he’s in talks to appear in Mission Impossible 5 and a film about the concussion problem in football, as well as a potential cable series that sounds pretty intriguing.

Baldwin is also developing a new TV show with NBC Productions, with the idea for him to play the central character, is a Rob Ford-type Mayor of New York City.

Ford is the mayor of Toronto, who has had his troubles with the crack pipe and behaves outlandishly on a fairly regular basis. That should be edgy stuff, since it is being fashioned as a one hour cable series. Wells Tower is writing the pilot, and Baldwin will be exec producer along with Cary Brokaw.

While ALEC BALDWIN PLAYING BIG APPLE ROB FORD IN A CABLE SERIES HELLO is justifiably the big takeaway here, I’d also like to direct your attention to the thing in the second paragraph that says “Wells Tower is writing the pilot.” Tower, a terrific short story writer, is probably best known for his non-fiction magazine pieces at GQ, like this one about the karate instructor who framed a Prince-loving Elvis impersonator for sending ricin to the president, or this recent one about Americans who travel to Africa to hunt elephants. Him putting words into the mouth of a fictionalized, American Rob Ford played by Alec Baldwin on cable? Yeah, that’ll do just fine.

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