Alison Brie Revealed On ‘Late Night’ That She Accidentally Peed On Her Vintage ‘Mad Men’ Undergarments

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Alison Brie has revealed a tale that confirms there is indeed a “p” in prestige television. That’s our cute way of telling you that Annie off Community talked about a bathroom blooper on last night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers. Please don’t make this weird.

Brie, who is currently in press blitz mode for How To Be Single, shared a tale of vintage garments and the horrible things that were accidentally done to them. The incident happened during Brie’s time on Mad Men. At the risk of getting a little gross (we’ll let Brie do the heavy lifting in the clip), we’ll say that the actress had an unfortunate gaffe attempting to use the facilities while also done up in the AMC series’ perpetually acclaimed finery. As a result, a girdle was the casualty of this misfortune. The kicker? Brie still powered through her scene despite the unintentional dampness. EYES ON THE PRIZE!

There was a bit of a golden silver lining to the whole incident. Brie relayed that the costume designer reassured her that “It happens more often than you think.” Come to think of it, it’s not hard to imagine 90% of Marlon Brando performances involving a little bit of pee in the mix. Please consult with the director of your community theatre group before trying it yourself, though.

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