All-New Swear Words from ‘Always Sunny’

FX has released a couple of new featurettes about Season 7 of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” and by the looks of it, the show hasn’t lost a step despite its lengthy run. The season overview, above, has the following: two vomit scenes, shirtless Fat Mac, Frank trying to marry a hooker, Charlie working with young girls for a children’s beauty pageant, and more. I’m happy to report that everyone in the Gang is still a delightfully terrible person beyond redemption.

In the video below (“Filthy”), the cast goes over some of the more colorful language they’ve used. Lots of “assdick” and “dickhole” and “bitch,” but my favorite one might be “white stains.” Man, I love acquiring new dirty words. This must be how Picasso felt when he got a new tube of paint.

[via ScreenJunkies]