All Seven ‘Community’ Timelines at Once

Last week’s episode of “Community” (S3E04, “Remedial Chaos Theory”) sparked all kinds of critical acclaim and theoretical debate, including mind-blowing theories that showrunner Dan Harmon later debunked on his Tumblr. If you missed it, you should go watch it right now on Hulu or

If you’ve already seen it, check out this video of all seven timelines playing at once. It’s a little too busy and chaotic to follow, but it’s a good way to catch little pieces of symmetry — not just the obvious gags like Jeff hitting his head on the ceiling fan, but little details, like the way Annie slings her purse onto her shoulder when she gets up to help Jeff. I really liked it, but that’s probably because I’m a sucker for anything “Community”-related. Particularly Annie’s Boobs. What? That’s the name of the monkey!

[Video via @danharmon; GIF via The Best of #RemedialChaosTheory]

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