All The Shots That USA Network’s ‘Psych’ Took At CBS’s ‘The Mentalist’

I think that USA Network’s Mr. Robot is the best new show of 2015. However, I also think that Mr. Robot is a show more suited to the fall or winter. It’s a darker, bleaker, more complex show, and sometimes, our brain spaces have a hard time getting to that place when it’s sunny and 80 degrees outside.

What I miss is watching Psych in the summer. It’s been off the air for a year, and it has actually aired over the summer since its fifth season in 2010, but I always associated that show with the summer, because it’s so perfect for that time of year: It was funny, engaging, droll, and not too complicated. It was perfect summer watching.

One of my favorite things about Psych, however, was the way it would often take potshots at CBS’s The Mentalist. Why? Because they worked from the exact same premise: They both had fake psychics who actually just used their powers of observation to solve crimes. I was thinking about that this morning, and lo and behold, I actually found a YouTube video which compiled all the fantastic digs made at the expense of The Mentalist.

Now I just wish someone would put together a supercut of all the times Dule Hill did Michael Jackson impersonations on the show.