A Turtle’s Dream In Outerspace: The Sunniest Moments From Last Night’s Virtual ‘Always Sunny’

Titling a Sunny episode “Charlie Rules the World” is setting the bar pretty damn high from an expectations standpoint. Things starting making sense the second Sweet Dee mentioned up her online virtual world. What this episode lacked in narrative it made up for in sheer hilarity and unbridled randomness. A few notes before we get to the Sunniest moments.

  • This was my favorite episode to screengrab so far this season. Doing so made me appreciate it doubly.
  • There’s foreshadowing and then there’s blowing yourself foreshadowing.
  • Energy Balls vs. Fight Milk: Who ya got?
  • Charlie spent the entire episode asbestos covered. This should be noted.
  • Deniece Williams AND Lionel Richie. What did our ears do to deserve this?

The Sunniest moments…

How The Gang Watches Real Housewives

The zoom out from parody Real Housewives to a filthy Charlie wrapped in wires slayed me. He’s just trying to get you a good image, guys.

Dennis Does All The Shots

Nothing says “real” like dancing with a couple of dudes on an empty dance floor to “Let’s Hear It For the Boy” and then doing three whiskey shots by yourself. Also, big fan of gratuitous dance moves

Sweet Dee Is A Prudent Spender

Almost makes too much sense.

Charlie And Dee Have Virtual Sex

Despite being the brilliant strategist of the episode, this was a fun reminder that big words are hard for Charlie. Also: “Push enter hard? Or slow push and you do your thing? A little circular action?” Keystroke sexual innuendo FTW.

“There’s always so much preamble.”

Me typing words can’t do justice to Dennis, Mac, and Frank — shortly removed from three man dance floor — watching a Dennis sex tape together. I would like to highlight Dennis’s sociopathic rebuttal to Mac’s virtual experience argument though: “I drew this woman in. I styled her hair. I entered her with almost no resistance.”

Frank Is “A Gorgeous Girl With Big Cans” Who Is “Banging All The Fishermen”

Everything about this image wins.

Mac Is Into That

“Or ugly. If they’re sick that’s fine too.” I need a GIF of Mac’s begrudging acceptance of “male or female or whatever it is you like” like yesterday.

British Dennis

Note: All versions of Dennis have the same “get off” face.

Charlie Is Good At Girls

Between the cruelest intentions of all and this box ‘o spiders exchange I think we can all agree Charlie has his priorities in order.

Sometimes Things Just Sort Of End

And with Dennis unceremoniously erasing everyone’s TechPocalypse accounts that’s what this episode did. It just sort of ended. And sometimes that’s for the best. Because that’s life. Take us away Lionel Richie and Space Turtle…