AMC’s Newest Video Series Says Goodbye To The Cast Of ‘Mad Men’ In Style

AMC released a new video series called Last Round With The Cast featuring Mad Men’s core cast members discussing the series in an intimate roundtable setting. Jon Hamm, Vincent Kartheiser, John Slattery, Christina Hendricks, and Elisabeth Moss are all featured in these clips as they reminisce about each of their characters’ journeys over the show’s 7 seasons. The above video shows Jon Hamm discussing Don Draper‘s downward spiral as the his life, family and world crumbles around him.

The rest of the videos are below:

Vincent Kartheiser talks about Pete Campbell’s character transformation after 10 years of the world kicking him in the face over and over:

John Slattery discusses Roger Sterling’s growth in the workplace as well as with the women in his life:

Christina Hendricks touches on Joan’s achievements in overcoming the obstacles she’s faced:

Elisabeth Moss discusses Peggy’s journey from being Don Draper’s awkward secretary to becoming Sterling Cooper & Partners’ copy chief:

AMC will begin airing the final 7 episodes of Mad Men on April 5th.

(H/t: Wall Street Journal / AMC)

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