‘American Idol’ And ‘Duck Dynasty’ Both Took Huge Tumbles In The Ratings Last Night

01.16.14 22 Comments

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Ratings juggernauts American Idol and Duck Dynasty both had turbulent offseasons, with the former going through another lineup change at the judge’s table, again, that saw crooner Harry Connick, Jr. and Idol veteran Jennifer Lopez step in to replace the combustible Carey-Minaj duo from last year, and the latter going through a few small internal matters that were mostly ignored by the media. But you know what they say, any publicity is good publicity, right? Anywho, both shows aired their season premieres last night. Let’s see how things worked out.

The Season 13 premiere of American Idol was down by 23 percent in the key demographic and by 16 percent overall on Wednesday night, making it the lowest rated Idol premiere ever in the demo and the lowest since season Season 1 in viewers. [HitFix]


Wednesday night’s Duck Dynasty season 5 premiere had 8.5 million viewers. That’s huge for a cable reality show, but down 28 percent from its record-setting fourth season debut in August (11.8 million). It’s also slightly down from the show’s third season premiere in February last year (8.6 million). [EW]


Well, I can see only one solution here. The ol’ switcheroo. We send Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick, Jr. down to Louisiana and dump them in the swamp dressed in camo from head to toe, and fly the Robertsons to Hollywood, give them fancy makeovers, and force them to judge a singing competition. You know, shake things up. Something something “I’m Still Jenny From The Swamp.” The end.

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