Netflix Is Bringing Back ‘American Vandal’ (And Peter Maldonado?) For Season 2

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10.26.17 7 Comments

One of the burning questions left at the end of the brilliantly funny Netflix true crime spoof miniseries American Vandal — other than who did the dicks, of course (it was Christa Carlyle) (probably) — was whether the Funny or Die-produced series would somehow come back for a season two. It seemed highly likely that the story of Dylan Maxwell and the Wayback Boys had run its course, and to even attempt an anthology style followup seemed like it might be trying to catch lightning in a jar.

But sure enough, on Thursday the streaming service announced that American Vandal 2 is indeed going to be coming out in 2018. In the short teaser, Peter Maldonado, the documentarian from the original series narrates over pictures in a high school yearbook: “You can be born into the perfect family. The perfect school. The perfect life.” He continues, ending with the hook, “But can you be born … Above the law?” as the camera pans over to one particular student’s photo, whose name reads “Ben Callahan.”

It seems a little early to speculate, but it sounds like we’re maybe talking spoiled rich kid as the focus, here? Son of a teacher? One thing we can tell is that it appears the second season is definitely not going to take place at Hanover High, as the students are all wearing private/Catholic school uniforms. It’ll be interesting to see how they’ll pull this off, that’s for sure.

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