‘America’s Next Top Model’ Has A Premiere Date And Teaser For Its Vh1 Rebirth

America’s Next Top Model may have gone out of fashion for a while, but now the series has popped out of its grave, found a home at VH1 and is ready for more beauties to smize for the prize. Sure, there’s a bit of grumbling attached because Tyra Banks has stepped away as host, but let’s give this cable rebirth a chance, shall we?

Today saw the reveal of the premiere date for ANTM‘s recycle into a new cycle and we also have been treated to a stylish teaser to boot. The Rita Ora era of the program now has a 30 second spot soundtracked by Mason’s “Fashion Killa (Papapapa)” featuring model-looking types walking around in black and white. The tease also features the words “EXECUTIVE PRODUCER TYRA BANKS” in huge letters as a reminder that Tyra’s bound to pop up in the new cycle in some capacity.

The latest go-around is dropping the male model tweak and reverting back to the female model focus with supermodel Ashley Graham, Paper CCO Drew Elliott, and celebrity stylist Law Roach all joining Ora as the show’s panel. The premiere date is now set for December 12, 2016. Maybe Allison Harvard and Game can re-team to do a new theme song. Pot Ledom, gang!